Brother MFC-J6710 Cartridges

Genuine OEM and Compatible Cartridges for the Brother MFC-J6710.

MFC-J6710 Cartridges

We list the following Cartridge model numbers for the Brother MFC-J6710:
CB3-1280XLK/Y, CB5-1280XLK/Y, PI-1280XLBK, PI-1280XLC, PI-1280XLM, PI-1280XLY, CB1-LC1240BK-Y, CB3-LC1240BK/Y, CB5-LC1240BK/Y, PI-1240BK, PI-1240C, PI-1240M, PI-1240Y, BROLC1240RBW, BROLC1240VALBP, LC-1240BK, LC-1240C, LC-1240M, LC-1240Y, BROLC1280RBW, BROLC1280VALBP, LC1280XLBK, LC1280XLC, LC1280XLM, LC1280XLY, LC1280XLBKBP2, LC1240BKBP2