Are Compatible ink cartridges safe?

Third-party ink cartridges are available for a fraction of the cost of the original cartridges, so it is fair to wonder how they perform and why the price is so cheap.


That depends on who makes the compatibles; if you purchase from a reputable supplier, there should be very little difference between the compatible and the original, with the ink formula being very similar to that of the original.

Will Compatible ink Void My Printer’s Warranty?

Using compatible printer ink will not invalidate your warranty. While printer manufacturers will encourage you to use their official branded ink, you are free to use any ink you like.
The only way a compatible may invalidate a warranty is if it physically harms the printer in some way; however, this is unlikely and only really possible if you purchase from usually only an issue if you purchase low-end compatibles from dealers.

So compatible ink is a good idea?

Yes, it’s fair to say that the only time you’d be better off with originals is if you’re making high-quality prints or seldom printing at all.

If you print at home or in the workplace, compatible ink and toner is usually a safe, economic option. They are far less expensive and often contain more ink.